FREE PICK UP available in Bronson, KS select local pickup at check out.

Fundraiser Information

How it works

1.  Pick one or all flavor options to sell.

2.  Establish sell dates, order & money turn in deadline, and a pick-up time and location. (Pork Rinds are considered by KS Dpt of Ag as a meat product, we must not allow you to deliver the product) We will be on site to allow for pick up by the customer only!)  If your customer cannot make it we highly suggest they purchase online and have it shipped via USPS.

3. Pass out order forms & instructions to your group members and start selling.  Order forms can be taken to mom and dads work, or simply share your organizations online fundraising hyperlink.  Great pick up dates are during seasoning opener/closer, homecoming etc.

We accept Cash, Check, Credit/Debit, & PayPal.

Group leaders will be required to sign our contract if you are more than an hour from Bronson, KS there is a 100 bag minimum for your group.  You only collect profits on the bags that are picked up and paid for.  Bags sell for $8 and $2 profit is yours to keep for the fundraiser.  We will cut one check within 2 weeks to your group.  If you are a 501c3 Not for Profit we will need a copy of the form prior to a check being cut.

Each bag is over 1/2 lb and comes in a heat sealed  one gallon bag.  Ingredients are on our site and on our bag.  Nutritional content is in the works but is not completed just yet.  

Perks of Pork Rinds!

  • You simply collect Names, numbers, orders & your work is done.
  • We are a unique option.
  • You set your earning potential.