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Fundraiser Info

Email perrysporkrinds@gmail.com Put FUNDRASIER in the subject line 

Fudge Fundraisers: We are accepting 2024 fudge fundraisers.  Each 1/2 lb of fudge comes in a personal container boxed and sealed.  Fudge sells for $12 per each, group keeps $3 profit.  We pay all taxes.  The group is able to deliver this product to the customer.

Roasted Nut Fundraisers: We are accepting 2024 fudge fundraisers.  Each cone sells for $5.00  Group keeps $1.00 per cone sold.  We pay all the taxes.   The group is able to deliver this product to the customer.

Pork Rind Fundraisers:  Pork Rinds sell for $9 group keeps $2 profit.  The group is NOT allowed to deliver the product that would be a violation of USDA rules for meat products.  We must be on-site to deliver the products to the END BUYER.  Forms and money are due to us then we will prepare rinds and we will arrive on-site to deliver.  We will only deliver for 1 full hour to allow customers to come pick up their rind order. 

*You cannot order x amount under your name and deliver them to various persons, this is not allowed.  We do not have a wholesale license at this point and will not risk trouble with the USDA. Nor do we want you getting in trouble.  Clubs must sell a minimum of 100 bags. 

Sales last for 2 weeks.  A master list and money are then turned in to PerrysPorkRinds@gmail.com at the close of the two weeks so we can prepare fresh items for your fundraiser. The sponsor is responsible for making sure their team member orders and the money collected is correct prior to us arriving on-site to deliver.  Funds will be paid to us in full by the sponsor with money collected and we will cut a profit check upon delivery.



Point of contact person will get notification in 24 to 48 hours