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perrys How it started

Fresh made from our family to yours!


We are open daily with fresh meats, dairy, breads, soda, coffee, tea, rinds, popcorn, fudge, fruits and veggies and 1 hot meal special daily until sold out.

Monday- Friday Open 9m-8m.

Saturday Open 9am-6pm

Sunday Open Noon-6pm
We accept cash, all major credit cards & EBT.

We will always take pride in our production process of cooking fresh each week in small batches.

We began this adventure selling freshly popped pork rinds in 2017. Little did we know our small booth at the local fair would become a hit with more than our immediate friends and family. Thank you for being loyal supportive customers, we like to call friends!

Thank you & God Bless- Thaddeus & Kelly Perry

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Customer Reviews

I’ve eaten a lot of pork rinds in my life and these are the best out there! Not only are they great tasting, but they are great for those who are on the keto diet!

- Debra Mackey

No doubt about it.....these are the best pork rinds I have ever had! I love the fact they are made local. It makes them taste that much better! I will definitely recommend these!

- Nikki N Dub

Best money I ever spent. We bought 4 bags today, and they probably won't make through the weekend. We appreciate them sharing their great product with the Pittsburg, KS community.

- Chris Crowe

best pork rinds we have ever had! we will be ordering on a regular! the spicy is my favorite, my kids loved the bbq and ranch!

- Nicole Hawkinson

I’ve now ordered 3 times! Same shipping for 1 bag vs 4 bags! Fill up your box! The BEST pork rinds I have ever tasted! Will continue to order to these, to heck with store bought ones!

- Windi Thomas

absolutely amazing my first time to.have them and chili cheese was my favorite but they are all.amazing

- Cami Jo Corwin

These are the best pork rinds I have ever had!! They are nothing like the store bought ones! Very fast delivery too! We couldn't be more happier with them.

- Kimberly Reusch

I was so surprised with how much is in each bag- tried the BBQ, Chili Lime, Sour Cream, and Cinnamon & Sugar. Love them all! Fast shipping. Will buy again!

- Brooklyn Nichole Rollett

Free pick up

Pre order or come into our storefront and purchase direct. Also enjoy exclusive in store flavors.
Perry's Pork RInds & Country Store
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