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Our Story



We began this adventure selling freshly popped pork rinds in 2017. Little did we know our small booth at the local fair would become a hit with more than our immediate friends and family. Thank you for being loyal supportive customers, we like to call friends!

Because of you we invested in a rural community of just 300 along Highway 54 in Bronson KS.  

We purchased the closed and dilapidated fuel station property and set out with friends, family, and customers cleaning the property by hand.  Eventually we did the paperwork on our own to work with the State of KS underground tanks and storage and we dug up 3 underground fuel tanks and had the property tested for any contamination from the old fuel station.  Once we had the approval things were good to go we were on our way.... or so we thought.  

That's when the pandemic started.  It halted all of our building plans, and things were pushed back and prices went out the roof.  We did not once waver.  We continued to push forward planning and marketing online through the pandemic and by the grace of God we made it through the festival, concert, parades, school fundraiser and athletic events being shut down.

In March of 2022 we hired Tallgrass Building Systems and in just 4 days we had an entire building up and stud walls in.  We worked with all local contractors for plumbing, electrical, concrete and telephone/internet.  We wanted to feed back into other small businesses as much as possible.

We opened our doors for good on July 30, 2022 selling local meats from the Bronson Locker, popcorn from Cashmere Popcorn, cold smoked cheeses from Stumpy's Smoked Cheese, canned jalapenos and jams and jelly's from Campbell gardens.  We contracted with larger supermarkets to stock our micro grocery store and we are proud to say we provide everything from Diapers and Laundry Soap to Chicken, Canned Foods, Dairy, Soda and fresh produce (most locally grown).  

We recognized their was a need in our community for healthy food options and for many jumping in the car and driving to a grocery store is something many of us take for granted especially when fuel prices jumped in 2022.  

We not only have a production area for our Pork Rinds but we also make cinnamon sugar roasted nuts, and in house fresh made fudge.  

We do not have a full restaurant but we do have fun and enjoy providing our community with a MEAL OF THE DAY.  We cook it and serve it until we sell out.  We offer options of unique foods like Chicken & Waffles, Loaded Taco Tater Tot Bowls, Bourbon Street Chicken & Rice, Taco Burgers, Sloppy Joes, and  Cincinnati Red Spaghetti!  

We have no idea where this business will take us but we are making it one day at a time.  We work hard and try to be fair, honest, and provide good customer service.  We have an amazing growing team of workers and we enjoy our rural community and all it has to offer. 

If you're ever out and about stop in grab a coffee, or long neck bottle of root beer or cream soda sit on the porch in one of our rocking chairs, grab a bite to eat and just relax!

Thank you & God Bless- Thaddeus & Kelly Perry