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We just kept being persistent and working hard!

We began our adventure selling freshly popped pork rinds in 2017.  Little did we know our small booth at the local fair would become a  hit with more than our immediate friends and family. 

As demands grew so has our selection of flavors.  Two things remain the same, each batch is freshly popped once per week, hand seasoned and out to the customer within 48 hours after popping.  We believe that fresh is always best!

We want to thank each of our friends and family and our community for the continued support during the last couple of years we are truly humbled by the show of support by all of you.

Thank you & God Bless, 
Thaddeus & Kelly Perry

When you support a local family owned small business you are supporting a dream of the entire family.  
Jaaron, Travon, Thaddeus, Kelly, Janae, Tyeesha, Kingston, Artrail